MS-Protect™ Earmuffs Mask


Trendy and perfect for all who working outside. 

All in one! Our face masks, mouth mask with earmuffs together, which gives you intimate protection from haze, snow, wind, fog and dust, greatly keep warm for your face, nose, mouth and ears in the chilly winter.

Earmuffs Mask provide you a free wear experience, and keep you warm in all kinds of out door task in cold winter. Designed to eliminate fogging, Multi-functional for all kinds of outdoor sports-- Skiing, Running, Cycling, Climbing, Motorcycling, Flogging, Fishing, Dining and Riding.

  • ✔️MADE OF LIGHTWEIGHT COTTON FOR ALL DAY OUTDOOR COMFORT: Multi-purposed for all kinds of outdoor sports - Skiing, Running, Cycling, Climbing, Fishing, Dining, sledding, and everyday outdoor use
  • ✔️MINIMAL FOGGING: Nose port allows the mask to break its seal allowing fresh cool air to circulate and minimize fogging to virtually 0!
  • ✔️NO MORE EAR DISCOMFORT: Adjustable straps help maintain all day comfort by reducing ear pulling.
  • ✔️AMAZING GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON: Perfect for holiday gifts say Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Birthday.