ComfySport Bra™

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Do you go to the gym? Or even for a walk? Or maybe for some stretching exercises in the park?

Even low impact exercises like stretching or jogging can be discomforting if the breasts are not held in place. Top it off with tension on the shoulders, accumulating sweaty patches on the not-so-right places and much more, a normal bra can cause major discomfort. That's why it is recommended to use Sports bra when doing physical exercise.
And for that, our ComfySport Bra™ is your best bet.

This ComfySport Bra™ is designed to handle movement and motion. So when you get moving, this will provide maximum support and hold your breasts firmly, making it way more comfortable than its regular counterpart. Plus, its fabric has absorbing properties to help keep you cool and dry while doing physical exercise.

This ComfySport Bra™ is also designed to give maximum comfort for the bust by adding a room for it to be securely supported in a comfortable way. As our designer is also an active wonderful woman, she knows how to properly care of the bust. This sports bra features stretchable garter under the bust for maximum support and added a zipper at the center that can be adjusted to your liking. For style and comfort.

To give you the looks that fit your life, your sport, and your style.